"One Night in Hell"

Club W.O.M. feat. Helstar and Return to Sabbat

So, if you think after such an exciting festival day in Balingen, there is shift over you're fucking wrong!
Anyone who calls himself a real metal fanatic knew, that today at the Club gig at the WOM Disco(near the
festival area), history was going to be written! Of course the Austrian metal bastion Palace, Overtone
and myself did everything to get to the show in time. For me the Helstar and the Sabbat Reunion were
the absolute highlights of this cool metal weekend! The disco was a perfect location for an aftershow
party, the beer was good and cold, and everywhere you could recognize familiar faces of the german metal
scene and even maniacs from foreign countries.

See High Heeler posing with the Metal Godz! See High Heeler posing with the Metal Godz! See High Heeler posing with the Metal Godz! See High Heeler posing with the Metal Godz!

HELSTAR 24.00-o1.15

The clock struck witching hour and mighty Helstar entered the stage! Alright, giving a revue of the next
70min is very hard for me. A nebulous portrait of sweating and banging bodies passes by in my mind.
A crowd which prayed in front of the stage to their metal god(s)! I would say the fucking best 70min
I had in my fucking life! Tell me, when do you get the chance to bang with semi icons like Gerrit
(Sacred Steel) or Bruder Cle(Angry Angels) side by side to the hottest metal tunes in metal history
ever???????? He came, he saw and he conquered! James Rivera the small guy from Texas, however one
of the greatest frontmen in the fucking metal business! With his godly voice, his personal appearance,
the cool speech and the fucking best stage acting I've seen in my whole life, James had the wild pack
under control like a predator his victim! His band consisted of the original Helstar bass player
Jerry Abarca, the Destiny's End guitarist Eric Halpern, another guitarist and a drummer, but I don't
remember the names of those guys. Though both guitarists were new recruits and besides James, there
was only one guy of the original Helstar line-up left, the overall sound and the performance were
perfect! Both guitarists had no problems with the complex character of the songs, and they were even
banging while playing! In my opinion the original poser guitarists can burn in hell, the new guys
did a fucking great job! Jerry the bass player is a great showman and he was running literally wild
on the small stage all the time banging while playing the difficult bass parts. Just unbelievable
this small guy!

Remnants of War, Destroyer, Angel of Death, Suicidal Nightmares and many other killer tunes like
Nosferatu, Burning Star, Dracula's Castle, The Shadows of Iga, The King is Dead, Winds of War and
at the end the godly metal anthem Run with the Pack!
(Let me tell you: the chorus is like thunder and lightning, my voice was croaky for the next
three days)! The show was sudorific, one metal hit followed by an other was shoot in the banging mob
and I dare to say at this moment the world of every present banger was perfect! Never before
in my life I got the chance to see so many blissful faces. ("ich glaube jenes so gern zitierte Kind
vor dem Weihnachtsbaum wäre in diesem Moment neben mir verblasst wie ein feuchter furz in da fettn'"(sic!)
By and large everyone who missed this gig has my whole sympathy but - hey you so called army of "true"
metalheads wasn't it your own fault, that you missed the chance to find out what the term"Heavy Metal"
really means - no, when I think about it you're not honest enough to get my sympathy, perish in your
housings, listen to your fucking poser music, I don't care a fuck about you 'cause I had the chance
Helstar is the SOUND and STRAIGHT METAL to the bone!!!!!!!

Get a glimpse of the BYH 2001! Get a glimpse of the BYH 2001! Get a glimpse of the BYH 2001! Get a glimpse of the BYH 2001!

SABBAT o2.OO-o3.15

Hell yes, to top this glorious gig was just impossible! Even the reunion of the cult band Sabbat
wasn't able to top the Helstar Gig! But which crazy mothafucka speaks about topping? Sabbat were
able to keep all bangers in front of the stage and screaming for more Metal! Martin Walkyier
and his mates encouraged the Hordes of Steel to give everything and even more! Trash with the
best and messing with the rest was the motto of the night!
I have to confess, I never heard a single note of Sabbat before but I was positiv surprised!
In my opinion such situations show how great a band really is! A banger who doesn't know the band
is so hypnotised by the music that he starts to scream, shout and bang! Yeahh man, and I was
banging so hard, that I could break through a wall with my platinum head! Jack the Riffer,
Basstard, Rolex and Martin all four in a Robin Hood outfit did a brilliant job with all Sabbath
hits ( I suppose 'cause the audience went crazy)!!!!! Trashy Riffs played with hellish speed,
a weird but aggressive singer though the songs have some sort of a mystic touch; just unbelievable!
In some way it reminds me a little bit of hard Manilla Road or extreme speedy Cirith Ungol,
in one word "godly"! However every beautiful concert evening has to take an end. After Jack
the Riffer strummed the last chords, my die hard companions and myself went, with fists held
high in the air, back to our camping place! With much beer and even more beer we dreamed about
this wonderful gigs, prayed to the gods and worshipped our beloved sound "Heavy Metal"!


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