Once upon a time, a wise and generous king was reigning his vast and fertile lands. His people were the happiest all around, and so they worshipped their leader celebrating dissolute festivities in refreshing regularity. In order to grant the highest pleasure to his brave headbanging soldiers and high-heeling brides, the king was sparing no efforts and was always trying to invite the best musicians around at his court. Standing at his balcony, he sunk down in contemplations of his people going into ecstasies. Finally, he ended up meditating upon the golden era, he and his people were honored to live in.

Act 1

Founded in 2000, HIGH HEELER spread their vision of a pure Heavy Metal band ever since. With deepest devotion they commit their skills to a higher cause – the creation of tempting overtures of steel, meeting both, the highest musical and lyrical claims equally.

With a strong focus on performing, HIGH HEELER‘s increasing popularity led to powerful shows with Heavy Metal’s crème de la crème: GRAVE DIGGER, LIZZY BORDEN, HELSTAR, VICIOUS RUMORS or HEATHEN to name a few.

Act 2

2005 saw the release of the »Power to the Chord« demo, accompanied by the »Plug in the Axe« live-tape.

HIGH HEELER‘s hand-crafted steel, ripening in the heeling cellars like good wine, culminated for the first time in the release of the well received 2011 debut EP »12 Inch Heels«, self-released and spread all over the world.

After great response following the EP – and continously expanding their repertoire of high-class material - HIGH HEELER decided to take on the endeavor of recording a full-length album.

Act 3

Starting the process in 2013, the project was successfully completed in summer 2015 - not before HIGH HEELER co-founded the AUSTRIAN HEAVY METAL ALLIANCE together with other like-minded bands and released a vinyl-compilation on Austrian Label "THE DOC'S DUNGEONS".

Right after finishing the album, a deal was signed with SWORDS AND CHAINS RECORDS USA for the CD-release of "FORCE AND FINESSE", while the vinyl version is released by the band themselves.

Act 4

Between 2016 and 2019 HIGH HEELER wrote new material and played some shows in Austria and Switzerland with fellow warriors like Sin Starlett, Visigoth, Cauldron and Mega Colossus, while constantly recording some of their new material. By the end of 2019, blistering new track BURN OUT has been released as part of another AUSTRIAN HEAVY METAL ALLIANCE cooperation. Entitled POWERSWORD, the record is available as a limited edition of 200 copies. Currently the band are preparing the release of a 7” single.


The higher the heel, the better we feel.
Heeling high - into the sky.

Appendix: Act 1 - Insights

Throughout the early days of their career, High Heeler kept record of some of their impressions - here they are.

22.04.2001, “Pulverizing the Posodrome” at the Libro Music Hall Vienna, without any Companions

The very first and although the most brutal HIGH HEELER live performance until today.
Spitting into the faces of this poser-assembly turned the stage into a boxing arena.
HIGH HEELER broke every law that was to break. A maxximum of power resultet in a minimum
of jury-points, only those who joined the devastation will ever understand.
Take a look at the end-result of this poser-competition here and understand what HIGH HEELER
stands for. The maybe most amusing fact about this evening is that HIGH HEELER sacked the valuable
price, a Sennheiser Microphone, for the superior strenght of their crowd, in fact 39.

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13.10.2001, “Crushing the Rockhaus Vol. 1” at the Rockhaus Vienna, with BLIND TRUST

The first HIGH HEELER Performance that can be presumed as a “Gig” in the understood
sense. Ecstatic Crowd-Reactions let the Heelers know that they got the Power and that
HIGH HEELER is to continue it’s Crusade against Poserdom, from nowon together with their
faithful Heel The World Crew.

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03.11.2001, “Keep the Rock Rollin’ Vol.2”at the Volkshaus Aspern, with the incredible

HIGH HEELER went back to their roots, leaving the glamourous showbiz and
the pretentious stages behind, rocking a true place called Aspern, the hometown of the
infamous Poison Poser and the brotherz through many long nightz, LOS DEEPEST.
Unfortunately the Heelers forgot one important thing: Their own sound-engineer. A fatal
mistake which turned the promising evening into a disaster. But nevertheless everyone
was drunk in the end and the Heelers hoised their sails again to reach new Shores.

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11.01.2002 “Crushing the Rockhaus Vol. 2” at the Rockhaus Vienna, with SERAPH

A killer performance with the power of erupting volcanoes, striking lightnings
and blazing thunderstorms! The Heelers gave everything, unbound livepower combined with
a rocking sound and only the hottest Heeling Brides, a real metal-axeplosion, that’s how
it’s got to be. And when everybody thought the rippage was over, the Heelers knew no pardon
and, for the first time in history, served their meantimely neckbreakin’ classic, Steeletto Attakk.

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15.02.2002, “Crushing the Rockhaus Vol. 3” at the Rockhaus Vienna,

For the third time in a row, so this means a hattrick, HIGH HEELER were booked
for the headliner-position of the Yamaha Band Contest. HIGH HEELER felt honoured, but decided
to retire from the stressful contest-business after that gig. Nevertheless this gig gave birth
to the very first HIGH HEELER Road(y) Movie, a great Masterpiece of Art, directed by the
two Chief-Roadies of the Heel the World Crew, Josy Coyote aka Gim Tonik and DeeDee Himalaya.
Thanx to those brave warriors in serve of the law of steel, it’s now possible to bring even
the backstage-Heeling Spirit and the on-stage-action straight to your cracker-jack living room.

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14.09.2002, “Heavy Metal Party” at the Jugendzentrum Hainburg,

After almost half a year of stage absence, the Heelerz made their way back
to the front, of course not without highest novelties: The formerly powerful axeman HERKULES
got replaced by the ripping C.C.STILETTO, who arose again from the substitutes bank, after
composing neckbreakin’ overtures such as Bontempi Killers, Katharina the Great
or Heeling High back in the old days. Stronger than ever before the Heelers lay the Battlefield
into Ashes and, as a second novelty, for the first time in history got payed for drinking and rocking.
Inebriated by the Spirit of the Heel they left the scenery thirsty for more (after finally having
the fitting keyz for the their fazt carz).

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21.09.2002, “Free-Beer for Everyone" the R.I.P.D Rehearsal-Room/Laa a.d.Thaya,

Against their iron will, HIGH HEELER were forced to overtake the Headliner position
of the evening, which in fact ment that the Heelerz had to bridge a gap of 6 hours between
their arrival and the show. Of course for HIGH HEELER there can only be one way to kill time:
Drink. And so it came that after the breakdown of STEVE “DIVA” PALACE (who was still drunk from
the devastation in Hainburg one week before) HIGH HEELER had to count another loss: C.C. “HÄUSLSCHUPFER”
STILETTO had to leave the stage after permanently mistaking the bottle with his axe. Thanks
to the Heeling-Godz, HIGH HEELER always have the opportunity to send strong replacement-killerz
into the battle, and so it came that the powerful HERKULES overtook the axe and helped the Heelerz
to anneheelate the poserscum. Finally, after this exhausting interruption, HIGH HEELER could continue
the evening like it began: With a beer in their Hands.

02.04.2003, “Shaking up the Shelter" in the Vienna Shelter, with DREADFACE and TAISH

After almost half a year of recovering from the last battles, the Heeling Brigade
was ready to strike again and this time we chose the Vienna Shelter as our battleground.
The Heeling Spirits looked pleasantly upon us, however STEVE “DIVA” PALACE made again
benefit of his nickname and prefered to watch a football-match instead of assisting the fierce Heeling
Warriors in battle. Due to this circumstances, a dark mist lay upon our brave minds, the Heeling
Spirits seemed to turn their back on us.
Like during our last battle, the infamous Poison Poser took the vocal command, and finally
the dices rolled again...With the incredible power of his organ, he guided us out of the dark...
Old hymns like Bontempi Killers, Conquerors and Kalashnikov, a new one entitled
Metal Obsession glittered like new forged steel...Finally the battlefield lay in ashes and
the Heeling Spirits cheered on us, inebriated from the victorious fight...

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10.01.2004, "HIGH HEELER vs GRAVE DIGGER" at the Rockhaus Vienna, with GRAVE DIGGER,

After passed Year's Club-Tours, HIGH HEELER felt that it was time to lift their reputation
to a Higher Level. They decided to serve their power even to a mainstream-audience, and which
event could be more fitting than Vienna's only Metal-Happening of the year: GRAVE DIGGER. And so it came
to pass that, after months of rehearsals and preparations, HIGH HEELER besieged the stage and showed
Vienna what M-E-T-A-L is all about. Not only a Feast for the Eyes, Thundering Riffs and Striking
Attacks delivered the fitting soundtrack for this Heavy Metal Invasion. But the Force of Metal was
so strong that even the hardest Strings couldn't withstand the 10-Ton-Hammer-Power, and so the
HEEL THE WORLD CREW had to start their quick fingerz to get Poison Poser's 4-String back
in Action. Like the Big Ones, the rest of the Heeling-Ensemble didn't hesitate and started their
engines again to perform a thrilling instrumetal which left the audience with their chin at their
sneakers. Out of the pit with refilled magazines, HIGH HEELER switched to Super Pursuit Mode
and finally flattened the battlefield with their Tank called "Steeletto Attakk".
The remaining survivors cheered at the victorious Battalion, and so HIGH HEELER knew that this
was the sign to "Reopen the Cans" and drank one or another beer with their Crew, their Brides and -last
but not least- their Fans, who slowly seem to realize what it's all about.

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20.07.2004, "PLUGGIN' THE UNPLUGGED" at the Vienna Unplugged, with METAL DEFICIENCY
The mighty Heeling Spirits looked curiously upon the Heeling Brigade. What was behind this cry
going out to summon a huge batallion of followers under the banner of the Sacred Heel? In fact,
the idea of a vaste reunion of worshippers growing in our minds, we decided to gather all the forces,
conjuring a entirely free Ritual of Steel. Unfortunately, we chose unholy ground, the celebration of the
Heeling Mass had to pass a tremendous abyss of whimpdom, before the holy Heeling Spirit could finally emerge.
To have a glimpse of all the acts of professionality, by which the abominable crew of cracker-jacks in this pitoyable
cachot (probably also known as Vienna Unplugged) tried to 'comfort' the brave soldiers of HIGH HEELER,
you should check out this announcement.
However, finally the time of revenge has come, the atmosphere darkened, the sneaker-lair resounded with the
pounding tunes of the Heeling Fanfare, and finally the holy vestal virgin carried out the banner of the
Sacred Heel! The Battle started over with the blazing hellfire of Bontempi Killers, however due to a
miserable sound, the Heeling Spirit was heavily irritated, so at least we paid our tributes to the mighty
Heroes of 70ies Hard Rock Power improvising on MARRIAGE IN BLOOD. The second half HIGH HEELER
managed to stick to common recipes of destruction! Enthousiastic battlecries roared through the ecstatic crowd,
when we smashed in the first notes of POWER TO THE CHORD! Followed by the almighty CONQUERORS OF
, the walls started to crack up like they were hit by the mighty flashes of Zeus! Finally, we laid
the battlefield in ashes with the irresistible beatz of HEELING HIGH!!! The Heeling Spirits were
pleased at last, and the fatigued Heeling Soldiers started mixing up with the crowd and plundered the
remaining beer-stockz...

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22.10.2005, "SWARMING BACKSTAGE" at the Backstage Café, with NO.WAY!

There was a cry out in the fields, roumors going around, unholy activities in the outskirts! Since the
Heeling Brigade, encamped on the high heeling parnasse, was devoted entirely to the study of ancient
myths of steel for a considerable amount of time now, we accepted with pleasure a call to arms of our comrades,
our fierce metal kinsmen of NO.WAY!, however, starting like a nice outing into the country, the roumors turned
out to be true and we had to prepare seriously for battle. Donning the stryped greave, we buckled our plates,
tightening the denim, the lace sparkled on our bodies, the time was alright to start it all over...
Stepping down the high parnasse, we finally arrived and had to see a scene of desperation. The positive forces
were nearly wiped out, outnumbered by the sneaking hordes, oppressed by the bontempi-menace, so they
eked out a wretched existence, sitting around on the battlefield in bare tristesse. When the Heel Patrol
arrived on the flancs, we started cheering up the troups, however moderately successful, we could at least
perceive a glimpse of hapiness in the eyes of the followers...
Finally the gods, cheering when they noticed the unbroken faith, imposed on us the task to feed the flame...

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